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Why 99 Days by Katie Cotugno Was Disappointing

IMG_2229A year after everyone discovers Molly cheated on her boyfriend with his brother, she returns to her hometown for the summer before college. As it turns out a lot of people still hate her for what happened over a year ago.

The first thing I don’t understand about this book is how their summer is 99 days long. The end of the year for high school is usually late June. The college year starts at the beginning of September. That’s closer to 70 days than 99.

Molly is a frustrating character. She repeatedly makes the same mistakes. Reading about someone doing the same thing over and over again is not interesting.

Patrick, Molly’s ex, is not a likable character. Although he is well written, his personality makes you wonder how anyone could like him. He comes across as very self-concerned. If what you’re doing doesn’t benefit him then you’re doing something wrong.

I really liked Gabe, Patrick’s brother. Gabe is the best part of this book. I wish we got to see more of him and his relationship with Molly.

It was difficult to see how any of the characters feelings and relationships would develop naturally.

My Rating: 2.5/5


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