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P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han

P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 

Lara Jean’s past and present collide when a boy from her past re-enters her life. She’s left juggling her feelings for both Peter and John, until she’s ultimately forced to decide which boy she wants in her future. 

I found P.S. I Still Love You to be rather underwhelming. The characters still felt very two-dimensional.

In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before I found myself really liking Peter, but in this book that all gets thrown out the window. The romance between Peter and Lara Jean is lacking. I couldn’t understand why they like each other, it seems like all they ever do is argue.

I really liked John. I feel like he put in a lot more effort to show his feeling for Lara Jean than Peter ever did. The relationship/friendship between John and Lara Jean was a lot more believable and felt way more genuine.

I don’t want to give away the ending but I will say, I didn’t like how it ended. The ending went in a completely different direction than I thought it should have, it didn’t feel natural.

My Rating: 2/5


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