Book Reviews

The Duff by Kodi Keplinger

IMG_2922Bianca’s life is fairly normal, she goes to school, she hangs out with friends. Simple, normal. Then things get more complicated when the school womanizer, Wesley, calls Bianca the duff, designated ugly fat friend. The relationship that unfolds between the two plus troubles at home quickly stir up Bianca’s otherwise normal life.

 Based on the commercials for the movie version, I thought The Duff was going to be vastly different than it was. The term duff is used only about three times outside of Bianca’s and Wesley’s relationship.

The plot is enjoyable albeit predictable. The characters are realistic. I really liked the way all of the relationships played out.

After having watched the movie, I think the book was way better. I put off watching the movie because I figured it would be very similar to the book. In reality they are vastly different, they may as well be completely different stories. The movie has a closer feel to movies like She’s All Thatwhere the unpopular girl gets a makeover that somehow leads to the popular boy to falling for her.

The book felt more real and way less cheesy than the movie. Which is probably a large part of why I found the book more compelling.

My Rating: 3/5


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