Book Reviews

Beat by Amity Cross

img_3289After losing her mom to cancer Ren fulfils a promise to find her father. She soon discovers that the father who walked out on her and her mom now owns a boxing studio, and has another family. As she spends time at the studio she becomes drawn to fighting and the studio’s golden boy, Ash Fuller. 

I started off really enjoying Beat. Then Ren and Ash got together, the story went downhill from there. They have this animalistic possessive and protectiveness over each other that just really bugs me for some reason. It’s almost like they view each other as object, their most prised object that no one else can touch or look at.

I kept waiting for Ren’s and Ash’s love to feel real, but it never did. I can’t fathom why they like each other. All they do is argue and have sex. Ren repeatedly says her relationship with Ash is more than just physical, however there’s no evidence to back it up. By the end of the book I’m not even sure she knows where he lives.

My Rating: 2/5


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