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Book Recommendation: Bloodlines Series by Richelle Mead

img_2490-copyIf you’ve read last Tuesday’s post then you already know I’m in love with Adrian Ivashkov who plays a big part in Bloodlines. Bloodlines is a spinoff of the Vampire Academy series. Reading Vampire Academy isn’t necessary for understanding the Bloodlines books, however Bloodlines does include spoilers to the Vampire Academy series.

I love pretty much everything about the Bloodlines series. The characters are amazing and the plot is fascinating.

Bloodlines is about an alchemist, Sydney, who is sent to a human boarding school with a royal vampire, Jill, in an attempt to keep Jill safe as her life is being threatened. While at this boarding school they are faced with distractions, romances, and threats. 

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Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge

When a string of dead werewolves leads to Vancouver it looks like Jade is the murderer. Half-witch Jade suddenly finds herself in the company of a vampire and a werewolf pack as she searches for the real killer.

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic is the first of six books in the Dowser series.

I’ve always been a fan witches and magic, which was the main appeal this book held for me.

Jade is introduced to parts of the supernatural community she barely knows anything about. In fact, Jade seems to hardly know the depth of her own powers. While dealing with the werewolves and vampire she’s constantly trying to remember what’s real and what’s myth.

The characters and plot are rather intriguing. I’m curious to see where this series takes us. I want to get to know Jade, and the other characters, better. I’m also eager to learn more about this supernatural world.

My Rating: 3/5


Preferred Genres

img_2296If you’ve been following my blog for a while you probably already know that I love to read young adult and fantasy/paranormal books.


In this post I’m going to try to explain why. Every now and then I’ll step out of my comfort zone and read a classic or a contemporary adult fiction, but I always go back to young adult books.

I’ve always had a love for magical things. I love exploring different worlds and seeing different takes on mythical beings. Some vampires are vicious blood suckers, others sparkle. Some werewolves can change on command, other only change during full moons. Every fantasy or paranormal story is different, each author creates their own unique world.

Being in my early twenties I find I relate to teen characters a lot more than I do to adult characters. In young adult books the characters are often trying to figure who they are and what they want to do with their lives, much like I am.

Adult fiction often focuses on characters that are 40 or older, and going through things that I’m no where close to experiencing. As much as I may like the stories, for me, they lack that connection that makes reading a book a truly great experience.

I also like romance novels. However, I find if you’ve read one romance you’ve pretty much read them all. Romances seem to vary among maybe three different plots.

Basically I gravitate towards young adult and fantasy/paranormal stories because I relate to the characters and love magic.

What genres are your favorites? What makes them special to you?

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Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

img_3806In the conclusion to the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children series, Jacob discovers new aspects of his powers as he, Emma, and Addison fight to rescue their friends. 

In Library of Souls we delve deeper into peculiardom, learning more about peculiar history and the events that created hollows and wights.

I find myself at a loss of words to describe this book and my feelings for it. There are parts that are a tad boring, and there are parts that had me on the edge of my seat with excitement. The ending ties everything up nicely. Leaving you wanting more but also being content with what you got.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

img_3727Soon after his grandfather’s death Jacob learns that the fairytales he was told as a boy are more than just fairy tales. In fact, they might be real, children who can fly, invisible boys, a bird who watches over them. But Jacob couldn’t possibly be one these peculiar children himself, could he?

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children is not the story I first thought it would be. I originally thought it would be about a home where peculiar children learn to master their strange talents. However, it’s more the story of a boy who learns of the existence of a home for strange children and his life becoming irrevocably changed and entangled with theirs.

The story itself is quite unique and interesting. The characters are well developed and likeable. At times the pace could have been a little faster.

I’m excited to see the movie version, although I have a feeling it might be significantly different.

My Rating: 3/5

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Book Recommendation: Saga by Brian K Vaughan

img_3283I’ve been wanting to get into reading comic books more. Saga is one of the series I decided to try first. It only took two pages for me to come to the conclusion that I would really like this series. There are a lot of strange creatures and planets explored throughout this first volume. I’m really looking forward to see how this story develops.

Written by Brian K Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples, Saga is the story of two lovers from warring planets and their newborn daughter. The three of them have to navigate unfamiliar terrain while running from a bunch of people who to kill them.