Why We Love Books

That title is a lie. I can’t tell you why we love books. However, I can tell you why love books. Maybe some of my reasons for loving books will overlap with yours, and maybe not.

I wasn’t very fond of books until I was eleven years old, when I was introduced to The Tripods series by John Christopher. They were the first books that I wanted to read on my own, I really loved the story. After that I started picking up book after book, developing a love for the written word.

Books are a great – and cheap – way to explore this world, and others, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. They provide a sense of comfort, finding stories that show you aren’t alone in they way you think, or what you’re going through. You can explore an endless amount of possibilities between the pages of a book.


Reading Slumps

this is your chanceRecently I’ve found myself stuck in a reading slump. As much as I may want to read there seems to be something stopping me from actually sitting down and spending a couple of hours engrossed in a good book.

So how do you end a reading slump?

It might be helpful to set a certain time to dedicate to reading. Reading short stories, graphic novels, poems, or children books can be a great way to kickstart your reading again. They’re short and often an easier read. Revisit a favourite novel or author. Pick up something that doesn’t require a lot of mental focus, or that you know you will enjoy.

How do you typically break free of a reading slump? Do you currently find yourself stuck in a slump?


Are Audiobooks the New Trend?

AudiobooksOver the past month or so I’ve noticed audiobooks have gained a lot of attention. It seems like many people are turning to audiobooks to get their literature fix.

Audiobooks offer a lot of great advantages that print and ebooks lack. Long car trips and morning commutes can be made more enjoyable. If there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read but don’t have the time, you can listen to the audiobook while cleaning the house.

Audiobooks are also great for people with learning disabilities or dyslexia who might struggle to enjoy the printed word. They offer a way for all people, of all ages, to enjoy books.

Have you tried audiobooks? Do you enjoy them?